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Two tier ticket submission


I'm new to the discussion forum but, have been using osTicket for a while. We use it in our school corporation for technical support. Here's what we would like to do and I am not sure if it can be done or not. Someone opens a ticket, using the filter we send that ticket to someone to "review" the ticket and see if it can be handled at the their level. If not, they will pass it forward to someone at a higher level of support. Basically, a two tier system of review and resubmit or review and handle it. 

The first part can be done easily with filters however, how would I accomplish the second tier? In other words, how can the person reviewing the ticket send it to someone else in another department easily? 

I've searched and haven't found anything like this. Thanks in advance.



  • The staff would assign the ticket to the tier 2 department or team.
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