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Disable default ticket details form when using custom forms.

When editting the Help topics, it would be nice to optionally disable the default form with ticket details when using custom form instead.


  • Is this possible without changes in the source code?
  • It's not possible to disable the default ticket details form. It has message and subject which are required fields to create a ticket.
  • We requested this some time ago as well, but in a different way...
    When a custom form is selected, autofill the default form with some predefined stuff and make them readonly/ hide them or allow the user to change the predefined / prefilled default form.
    Here's the link to the old thread:
    Maybe in a future release it's possible, but that's osTicket developers / Peter's & Jared's decision.
  • Has there been any traction with this feature request? 

    We would love to do the same thing. Our application would be similar. If we use a "New User" help topic, We would then like to have the ticket pre-populated with something generic like "New User Provisioning Request". The custom form would collect all the information we need.

    This would be an awesome feature.

  • Unfortunately I think nothing happend yet in that direction so far. I also don't know if this feature is planned for future releases, but it would be really nice to pre-define / pre-populate these info right away with the form config in the scp or so.
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