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Show my tickets (as customer) on landing page?

edited April 2014 in General Discussions
I just installed and configured initially the osticket system and I am trying to understand some things.

Is there a built in way for a customer user to login with an email address or username and see all of their tickets (open and closed) from the Landing page or similar? 

I only seem to see a way to show the status of a specific ticket if I (a customer) know the ticket number already and I supply my email address on the Landing page.

Or is this access only available through a link generated by the email?


  • The way it is right now you need to know the email address and a ticket number associated with that email and you can log in.  The system will send you an email login link.  Which will get that user in to see all their tickets.

    With the addition of the Collaborators feature set it was deemed insecure to believe that only the opener would have a ticket number.

    The next version of osTicket (due out soonish) has a revamped user system which allows what it sounds like you're getting at.
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