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New Email Cron

I have set up a cron using the sample script provided. rcron.php . I am using crontab. (wget http://mydomain/scripts/rcron.php). 
But it doesnt seem to work. On seeing the wget results, i am getting an error: /support/api/tasks/cron doesnt exist on this server.

So I edited the url to : /support/api/cron.php asI notcied the above url was actually not present.

But now the emails are being loaded to new tickets only when I'm online on the osticket admin panel.

What am I doing wrong?


  • rcron (Remote Cron) is for when your executing the script from an external source not on your web server.  The script requires you to edit it. I presume that you made the required changes (api and path iirc)?

    Do you have more than one version of PHP installed on your server?
    Have you checked your php error log for errors?
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