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Modifying Stock/Built-in Forms

edited April 2014 in General Discussions
Hey All, I am very new here & to osTicket, please be gentle. :)

I have recently been experimenting with a new instance of OSTicket v.1.8.1 and I'm stumped as to how one can modify the built-in/stock forms per:

By default, all help-topics use the built-in/stock forms, with:
"Your Information" (Email Address, Full Name, Phone Number) and 
"Ticket Information" (Issue Summary, Issue Details).

I have created a new Helptopic & added a custom form to it, however the custom form will only reside in the middle of the two stock forms (Your Info. & Ticket Info.).

I'm left with a couple questions that I cannot find the answer to, hopefully someone can help:
1) Is there a way to remove/hide these stock forms when using custom forms (perhaps I'm misunderstanding something fundamental here).
2)How can we modify these stock forms as per the blog?  Existing fields do not allow for modification as far as I can tell; I'd like to at least divide the 'Full Name' area for easier searching/notation.  I see that I can add to them, but I can't change the variable names, so splitting the name up would becoming confusing.

Your help is highly appreciated, thank you!


  • 1. Nope.
    2. There are some fields that are not editable because they are required for osTicket's minimum ticket details.
    You should really upgrade to btw.

    You can add to basics. 
  • Right-on, thanks for the note!
  • Very welcome.

    There has been talk about reducing the number of required fields, and while I think that it might be coming in the next version (1.8.2 due out shortly)  I don't want to say definitively that its in there because I have been lazy and haven't played with the beta yet. :)
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