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Editable dropbox

I need to create a drop box to go alongside the one used for help topics. What's the best way to proceed here ?


    • Admin panel -> Manage -> Lists
    • Make a list.
    • Then go to Admin panel -> Manage -> Forms -> Ticket Details and add your list.
  • Thanks I'll give it a try.
  • Ok now i see what your saying but, I want to be able to create another box alongside the one on my customer's open new ticket page., to make a drop down menu for other things. A whole new drop box in other words. Would I have to go into coding or is there another way ?
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    Help Topic:                 — Select a Help Topic —                 Customer TestimonialsFeedbackGeneral InquiryProject ListReport a ProblemReport a Problem / Access Issue             *  <--- I'm wanting to create another box to the right of this one, for special projects.
  • You cannot do that via the ui.  The closest that you can get it is the top of the Ticket Details section.
  • Ah ok. Thanks for the help.
  • NP.  I think that a future version will be changing things a little so that people have more control of the order etc.  But thats not confirmed at this time.,
  •  Thank you anyway.
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