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Editing Ticket Information/ Issue Summary

This is my first post here so be nice please :)-.
I have edited /include/client/ and fixed a few things I needed but am not sure what or how to do the next step. So here we go!
1.) Issue Summary: I believe this is required and not able to be removed from osticket. Is it possible editing the actual name this uses. For example: "Ticket Information" (Issue Summary, Issue Details). Instead of " Issue Summary", could I change the verbiage to something like, "explanations", "summary", "Please explain your request" or something else etc...

2.) And if it is editable, is this possible to have it change/be different throughout each of my "Ticket Issues" or forms?

Using v1.8.1.2image


  • You can change what those are called (aka the label) by going to Admin panel -> Manage -> Forms -> Ticket Details
  • Oh my goodness... I have been searching and searching for this... I guess I was looking in the wrong place! Thank you for your help!
    Do you know when the next update is coming? 
  • You're very welcome. :)

    I've been told that the next version will be out "next week" but that was late last week.  So, the best answer I can give you right now is "soon".  :)  I wouldn't be surprised if it was Friday or early next week.
  • That is great to hear! I am hoping to roll this out in the next few weeks. I have been editing and customizing this for about 3-4 weeks now. I could really use LDAP Authentication. I am hoping this comes in the next update.
  • LDAP for staff already exists.
    The next version will indeed have LDAP for users.
  • LDAP for users is what I need :) Thank you for your great help and support! 
  • Glad to be of assistance.  I'm going to close this thread, but please start a new one if you have another comment/question/etc.
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