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Closing Tickets and User Privaleges

I have version v1.8.1.2 of osTicket, and I have set up three users in different groups, but it seems as if they all have the same privileges. I would like to have a ticketing system where some users will have the ability to put in tickets, and then other users will have the ability to look at those tickets and solve and complete them. It seems as if the users that I have put in the "users" group can open a ticket and then can also go in and close that same ticket along with others they didn't put in I would think that the people in the "managers" group should be the only ones that can go in and close and resolve tickets. I also tried assigning the ticket to a specific user, but that was problematic as well. I also tried messing with the user settings but I was unable to figure it out. I hope this makes sense and please let me know if you can help.


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