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Separating the Conversation from the Internal Notes in the ticket thread

I updated to and I thought in my previous 1.7 version that there was a place where you could tell it to separate the ticket thread into 2 separate tabs, and not show the internal notes inline. Has that option been removed in 


  • Blueyeguy,

    This may have been a mod on your system, but I do not remember there being that option.
  • There has never in osTicket been a feature like you are describing.  You must have had a mod installed.
  • That's so weird. I'm sure it wasn't a mod I installed lol, but I swear that we use to have another tab at the top of the ticket view that was for internal notes (highlighted space on the attached), and one that was for the actual conversation between the tech and user, and somewhere in the settings there was an option to show internal notes inline, which merged them onto a single tab the way they appear now... Maybe I was just dreaming or drunk, or perhaps both... but thanks anyway for the responses.
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