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Auto assign to group of staff members

i was thinking of a mod to help auto assign tickets using filters to a group of staff members. like having an array store the name of all the staff members and every time there is an email that meets the criteria then cycle through the names selected and equally assign tickets to each staff member in that list.


  • Sounds like Admin panel -> Manage -> Ticket Filters
  • thank you for the reply, i am using filter already however what is find is that either a ticket can be assigned to team or an individual, however what i am looking for a functionality in which i can select multiple agents for the same filter instead of just one. and tickets will be assigned one by one as it comes in round robin fashion, attached is a similar feature available in freshdesk
  • Ah I see what your saying.  That is different then.  I bet that functionality would be pretty easy to add to filters.
  • yes, this what is what i meant to say, i am already working on the same though i do not know much about php.
    i need help in identifying the function that assigns the ticket, can you help point to that..
  • Sorry I have no idea.  I've never played with that section of the code.  My best guess would be include/ though
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