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How to use stock forms?

Okay, I'm feeling really dense here.

How do I collect location info - i.e. make it so the Company Information built-in-form has to be filled out on new ticket creation?


  • Add fields to the Ticket Details built in form.
  • What are the contact information and company information forms used for?
  • contact information extends the client information entry.
    company information extends the company information.
    Neither are ticket specific at this time, and both are changing as of 1.8.2.
  • I've added several custom fields to the ticket details form.I have a start time, end time and total hours field.  These three fields will print on the ticket.

    Then I created a custom list of locations.  When I add that to the ticket details form (configured as a drop down), weird things start happening.  The ticket PDF only prints the location and total hours fields.  It does not print the start and end time fields.  In fact, it won't even record the values entered into those fields.

    Do you have any idea what I'm missing here?

    Thank you!
  • How did you make the list?
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