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Adding coloured departments

Hey all,

I am not very familiar to modifying osticket any help will be most appreciated.
What I would like to achieve it to add Departments to the main ticket view. 
While also having each of the departments in a different colour.

Out of curiosity is there also a way to tag a ticket status such as "Booked"

Thanks ahead of time.


ps we are using 1.8.0


  • So I'm not sure what this would gain as only people who have access to all or multiple departments would be able to see the difference.  I imagine that most staff would only see one departments tickets anyway....  but I can see why you would want to do this.  I think that you may be able to look at this thread and it would point you in the right direction:

    There was a mod to add additional statuses to tickets for 1.6 and 1.7 but I discontinued it.  There was another one called Second Status that might work the way you want it to.  I think that the current version of it is:
  • Thanks for the reply.

    It's a small company and I see multiple departments throughout the day.
    Thats my reasons for wanting to see colour for departments so I can see 
    support without needing look through tickets.

    I will post my results to help anyone else.

    Thanks again

  • Hey, I just put in my mod for adding Dept to the ticket view on another response.  It's not colored, but could be a start.  See:

    Again, I took clues from another post that I forget and someone else deserves some credit. My edits are for but likely are compatible.
  • That worked a treat,


    I currently looking at the colour changing. I will post soon.

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