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Add a field wich is summed depending the search query (workload)

I plan to add a field to my form. in that field i write a value like "10" 
this I plan to use to give the ticket a weight. So I always know the approximate workload of a team, a user etc. depending the search query
did already made someone something similar?
Can someone tell me where in the source code the sqlquery will be generated and processed (depending searchform)?  i'm actually on V.


  • edited May 2014
    Just a way to have that functionality available quickly

    1. Make a custom Lable  in Ticket Details, call it "Workload Weight" for example, make it required.
    2. In Config Section, make enable validation as NUMBER
    3. Get a community version of MySQL Workbench and construct a custom query that will do the addition
    4. Either generate external report against MySQL server using that query (on demand or scheduled) or figure out how to add that query to php code. (that would depend where you want it to be shown and how)

    it is a very nice visual query builder, allow to build complex query without knowledge of SQL syntax

  • You can also use a freeware PHP generator for MySQL to create a nice grid view of your resultset
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