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Ticket size in database question

On average, how much space does each ticket generate in the database? I have about 800mb left in /var and wanted to know how many tickets could be in the database before running into space issues.  (This is a new install with no tickets currently in the database) Thanks.


  • There are far too many variables to accurately predict that as it would really depend on how attachment happy your users are, and how much back and forth there is via the system between staff and client.  I mean I have users that attach 3 files per ticket.
  • Assume default database, no attachments.
  • The amount of text?  The number of replied?  The number of custom fields?

    I cannot answer your question (see previous answer)
  • edited May 2014
    I've got about 22k tickets in the database, with 1GB of attachments, total space used according to phpMyAdmin is 1.1GB.. 

    Space is used roughly:
    1GiB for file_chunk (all the attachments, 18K rows of chunked data)
    50MiB for ticket_email_info (stores all message ids and headers, 53K rows)
    35MiB for ticket_thread (the messages back and forth, approx 53K rows)
    23MiB for session (can probably be pruned, approx 50K rows)
    7.2MiB for ticket (I have extra fields and indexes, with 22K rows)
    Then its below 5MiB rapidly decreasing to a few KiB per table.

    So, based on that, with no attachments.. roughly 176000 tickets should fit.. assuming no logs in /var/log etc..

    Edit: Just tested, yes, you can safely truncate the session table, it only saves staff sessions.
  • thx a bazillion grizly
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