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Collaborator emails somtimes dont work

I am having a random/intermittent issue with the emails that are sent to collaborator's on tickets. The link at the bottom of the email is sometimes broken. The user receives a blank page in Firefox, or a "The website cannot display the page" in Internet Exploiter. I enabled the error display in bootstap.php and I get this error;

Fatal error: Call to a member function getOwnerId() on a non-object in /var/www/osticket/include/class.client.php on line 133

This doesn't happen in all instances. I had a user with this issue yesterday. I had them forward the email to me for testing. I then had someone comment on the ticket again so that it would generate another email. The email sent a link with a different "auth" token. This new auth token worked (same ticket).

Perhaps there is a expiration on this auth token?
I couldn't find a corresponding auth token in the database. Looking at the code, these seem to get salted, so that would make sense why I cant find it. I quickly got lost in the code...

Any help is appreciated.

osTicket (v1.8.1.2)
Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS
PHP 5.3.10


  • One last bump before I just let it go...
  • Out of curiosity... are the collaborators that you are having issues with also staff?  Collaborators are not supposed to be staff.  There will be a staff version added later.
  • Yes they are. Perhaps that is the reason why the auth token don't work. I will dismiss it for now, unless a client/user encounters the issue.
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