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New to osTicket


I am new to osTicket. I am trying to implement it to a small scale industry. For that i need to understand its flow and codes. I know basics of mysql & php. As I am new, I am not able to catch up with the codes. Help me regarding this. Give me some guidance to understand its code. So that I can do mod and learn more about it.

Kaushik Karan


  • I'm not even sure how to begin to reply to this.  I would think that your best bet would be to dive in and try to do something.
  • okay
    thanks for your support. I'll start with its code and data flow.
  • Good luck!  If you have a more specific question please feel free to post.  If your looking to mod something you might want to post it in the Mods and Customizations section.  I'm going to close this thread as it seems to come to a conclusion.  Please feel free to start a new one if you have another question or comment.
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