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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

Feedback appreciated - Customized version 1.9

Please see the demo of my first osticket. Iam customizing it and is amazing:

for client sign in:

pass: osticket

for admin sign in:

user: demo
pass: demo



  • I've taken some screen shots of alignment issues. (note this is in Firefox 28)

    client side
    Browse button looks misaligned.

    The labels top margin or padding is off.  See alignment just below this. (cross browser)

    Login screen text boxes get truncated. (this looks fine in Chrome and IE)

    staff side

    open ticket list
    refresh button is too low. (this looks fine in Chrome and IE)

    Open Ticket list - You broke something... the icon says all of them have a word attachment. (See below)
    Not to be nit picky but your padding or margin at the top of each entry is a little off also.


  • thanks! I will work on it!
  • ntozier I made a fresh install on local host and see the same word icon when create a ticket. Maybe is a error on 1.9 version ? Let me know please. See screenshot.

  • [update] 

    - Refresh button issue - resolved
    - Login issue - resolved
  • My apologies its not the Word attachment icon, its the Ticket was made with WEB interface icon. :)

  • oh ok thanks

  • I just realized that I was a jerk and didn't tell you that I liked your design, and appreciate your efforts.
  • Thank you sharing this information but went your are going to post the files or the changeswe need to made, we like to applied this idea.

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