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New Ticket Alert not working to Department Members - is ok to Admin - . V 1.9rc1

Hi ,

I previously opened a ticket ( but wanted to open a fresh ticket as my use of "Team" vs "Dept" was not correct.

In I had an issue where all settings were correct - but Department Members did not receive notification of new ticket.  The following did work:

  • Notification of New Ticket to Admin ( so my workaround was to create a group email for admin and sent to Members this way )
  • Notification of assignment ( manual ) ticket.
  • Messages from Users

So Email is working fine.

This morning I upgraded to 1.9RC1 and tested 1 ticket - And Email was sent to Admin *and* the Department Members....
Any subsequent ticket will only send to Admin and not to Department Members.

I am very confused. The only thing i changed after upgrade ( which went perfectly ) was Admin email from Group email back to Administrator Email.

I then retested and only Admin email gets notified... ( I tested 4 tickets but no joy ) - I have reverted Admin email back to "group email".

Any ideas appreciated...


  • I upgraded to 1.9.0 ( thank you !) but am still seeing this issue.

    For some reason , sometimes it sends a mail to Dept Members but 99% of time only to Admin.

    I tested again with 1.9.0 and same problem :-(

    My Workaround is Team Group email in Admin email box - So all receive the notification

    How can I debug this?
  • I'll point out this thread to the devs, but I'm not sure what they will want from you for information.  Are you seeing any SQL or PHP log errors? etc.  I've always used an internal mailing list to alert my staff but we only have a few people who are staff in osTicket so.
  • Im joining this thread. only admin gets new mail. also assignment mails not working.
  • working fine after changing the default MTA, though there's a smtp configurerd.
  • This gave me a clue to try something. I changed my outbound SMTP server to a different one in our company and problem solved - why ? I have no idea.....

    Thanks again.
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