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Linux partitioning recommendations

Hi all,

I've posted this in General Discussions, rather than Installation and Setup Help, because it appears that the latter is primarily aimed at people who are encountering problems.  My apologies if that's the more appropriate forum for this question.

I'm setting up a dedicated osTicket server, and it's going to be a Linux box.  We'll be installing whatever the current stable release is ( at the time of this writing) on Debian 7.5.  I've been running Linux for years at home and on test machines in the shop, but this is our first deploy of a Linux server to production (we're a Windows shop, although we're going to become more mixed as time goes on).

The pertinent stats:

500GB "boot" drive
slightly <1TB RAID5 array (4x 500GB HDs)
Intel RT3WB080 RAID controller (LSI SAS2108 RAID-on-chip - I believe that this is true hardware RAID)

I've been re-reading a bunch of literature regarding Linux partitioning, and my take-away is that on a modern system, with modern hardware (including hardware RAID), there's not a lot of return on overly-complex partitioning schemes.  I'm leaning toward the following setup:

/boot - 1GB (on the "boot" drive)
/ - 900GB (on the RAID array)
/swap - 8GB* (on the RAID array)

* This is per Red Hat's recommendations for swap partitions relative to physical RAM; I know there's approximately one million opinions about this, and I'm really not partial to any of them, although I haven't seen a strong argument against generous swap partitioning if you've got the drive space to spare (and I do).

So, my question: how do the osTicket-on-Linux administrators here partition their drives, and do you see any glaring problems with the scheme that I've proposed?  I'm open to any and all feedback, of course, but I'm posting this here because I'm looking for suggestions that are specific to osTicket - this is and will always be a dedicated, single-boot osTicket server.

Many thanks in advance for any input!


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