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Signature Modification while Ticket Open/Response

While creating a new ticket; there is a text area which loads signature. Similarly while posting a response to existing ticket there is a similar text area which loads signature.
By default the signature is loaded from database, but in my case; a previous developer commented out this functionality (i.e. getting signature from DB) and implemented his own functionality to manipulate the textarea from JQuery.

I need to know the exact location (files) where these text areas are coded and what must I do to undo this change.

Regards and Tanks.


  • We are unable to answer your question due to the fact that you have not actually provided us with the exact version of osTicket that you are running.  There were 12 releases in the 1.7 tree.

    My guess would be: include/class.staff.php
    search for: getSignature() and getDefaultSignatureType()

    Sorry that I cannot be more specific.
  • Sorry for the incomplete information. The osTicket I am running is 1.7.0
    You pointed out the correct file but I am still confused what to do... This function you pointed out is:

    function getSignature() {
            return $this->ht['signature'];

        function getDefaultSignatureType() {
            return $this->ht['default_signature_type'];

        function getDefaultPaperSize() {
            return $this->ht['default_paper_size'];

    I am still unable to find the exact code / mysql query which fetches signature from DB.
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