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An issue with making an inital post to a ticket

Version v1.6 (there is no option for 1.6)

I will be upgrading soon but an issue with my current live 1.6 system has happened recently. We employ a third-party to manage our first line support and sometimes an initial post is being made to a ticket but the "isanswered"and "lastupdated" fields are not being updated. This means that the ticket is shown as unanswered. Is there anyway that a ticket can be updated without logging onto the osticket interface. The third-party do not have access to the underlying database.



  • moving thread to 1.6 section of the forums.
    1.6 is no longer actively supported, you should probably upgrade.
  • So where do I find responses to my query.

    I will upgrade but as you know, doing so from 1.6.x to 1.8.x is no easy business, particular when we have several bespoke fixes. I can do a test upgrade and implement my bespoke changes but, when I do the final upgrade I will have to repeat the procedure over again since the underlying database contents will have changed.
  • Seeing as you replied to the thread I would guess that you can answer the question about where you will find responses. :)
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