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Install Language Pack

Good Day,

Hi there,

i am new with osticket system . i have installed 1.9 version but i dont know how to install the language pack .. can anyone help me in that.

regards and thanks alot 


  • dear all,

    i just put phar file to i18n folder. but nothing happen.
    Can u please help!!!,
  • 1. 1.9 isn't out, so I will presume that you installed 1.9rc1. 1.9 should not be used in a production environment until it is released as ST (stable)
    2. You have to download the language file and put it in the proper location prior to installation. (
    3. Translations are not complete at this time, and I'm sure how much it actually will translate with 1.9, but with 1.8.1 it was only tooltips and help.

    If you install the phar after the fact you can go to My Preferences -> Preferred Language.
  • Hi ash27,

    just extract the phar ( google for unphar online ), create a folder, in my case it was pt_PT, and put the extracted files there.
    Then if you upload it to i18n folder, it will work  ;)
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