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Loading inline images outside OSTicket


I'm currently working on a OSTicket bridge for Wordpress ( a proper one) 
however with html mail and inline images (i'm also assuming with attachments) i run into the issue that it loads the image as:
<img width="621" height="222" src="cid:Un49_bxnI9M3iqq_0djv8E0KkdyCwD_s" alt="image" style="border: 0px">

which obviousely doesn't show much.

When i look at how OSTicket loads it it looks like:
<img width="621" height="222" src="image.php?h=un49_bxni9m3iqq_0djv8e0kkdycwd_s7df6d9b351405049535e73ade0c543e8" data-cid="Un49_bxnI9M3iqq_0djv8E0KkdyCwD_s" alt="image" style="border: 0px">

Does anybody have some advice on how to get those images to work outside OSTicket?



  • I would think that It would probably be easiest if you installed the storage-fs plugin and moved attachments to the file system.  Then you would just need to figure out the url and file name.
  • I did actually think about that, but i haven't tried it yet.

    The main reason why i doubt that would work is because my bridge pulls the ticket data directly from the DB.
    and i'm guessing the cid and so on would still be in there with the plugin.

    Think for it to run more efficient i should digg the OSTicket source and find out the piece of codes that load the images like that.. which i guess will be a long search to put together (so i was hoping anyone here had some advice :-))
  • That sounds like a great question for the Devs. Hey @Peter or @Jared thoughts?
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