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[resolved] Wrong active submenu

Hello again. =D

I have got another problem.
Now, I want to change the order that the submenus of the "Tickets" tab are displayed. I did that.
In the /scp/tickets.php file, I had changed the position of the "New Ticket" submenu from the last position (lines 574 - 581) to the first position (lines 514 - 521). It worked, but when I am at the new ticket page, the "New Ticket" submenu isn't displayed in bold, but "Open" are.
I am attaching a print screen and sending the link of the file with the changes I made (
The version installed is the latest (v1.8.1.2).

Can anyone help me?


  • From what I can tell its generated inside /include/staff/

    Its BAFFLING...

    $activeMenu is an integer.. you could try modifying /staff/tickets.php such that
    if($_REQUEST['a']=='open' && $thisstaff->canCreateTickets()){
       $inc = '';
    Where ?? is the entry number.. might work. ;-) Dunno.. I've added sub-menu entries after "New Ticket" on mine and the link is still bold on new ticket page.. so, it must know somehow.. Maybe you can ask on GitHub?
  • Thanks for the answer, Grizly.
    Nice avatar by the way.

    So, the problem is not when I add entries after "New Ticket". The problem is when the "New Ticket" entry is the first one. Did you do that?

    I've tried this solution, but the page simply crashes when I add the line, and I am not even at the New Ticket page. Maybe I am putting the wrong ID.

    Sorry for my bad english, it isn't my native language. =D

  • You did change ?? to equal the entry ID as an integer?.. hmm.. I think 0 or 1 would be what you want. No I haven't tried it.. just trying to help.
  • Hi.

    Yes, I did that. I was doing something wrong, but when I tried today, the solution worked.
    I think that was some close bracket missing. My bad.

    So, thanks for the help, Grizly. Helped me a lot. =D
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