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Customer not seeing who has replied to ticket

When a customer submits a ticket, and someone from the my department replies (regardless of who it has been assigned to) the e-mail they receive notifying them that a response has been posted in osTicket does not display who actually replied - it shows up as %{assignee}

For example, Vice President submits a ticket. The A.T. department receives notification of the new ticket. When any one of the 3 people in the A.T. department respond via osTicket, the VP receives an e-mail notifying them of the response. However, in the e-mail they receive, they see this:

%{assignee} has replied to your support request, #910 with the following response: "Here is the solution, etc, etc."

The VP would like to know who is responding. If they view it via osTicket, it shows up fine. It is only a problem with the e-mail. Any thoughts on what is happening here and how to fix this?


  • osTicket doesn't ship with such reply template - you or someone in your team must have added the wrong variable. Simply change the variable to %{staff} or %{} for the name of the respondent. 
  • No one on the team says they changed any variables. Where can I check to see if the variable has changed - where you said to change it to %{staff} or %{} ? Thanks.
  • admin panel -> emails -> templates
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