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Automatic return to "My Tickets" page after updating the ticket


I have some local users (staff) brought up an "nuisance" issue to my attention.

when ticket get appended (and it can become pretty long) you have to scroll all the way to the to to get to root menu links.

Is there a way to automatically return to predetermined page (like Staff panel - my tickets) after you add a note to the ticket?


  • There is no way to do that using the ui currently.
  • How about adding a button at the bottom of the page so you can easily click to go back to my tickets.  Rather than returning to the top of the page.
  • edited May 2014
    Press the "Home" button on the keyboard?

    If its just a link to the "tickets.php" page, why not just put one in?

    open /include/staff/

    Find: <div id="footer">
    Add immediately after: <a href="tickets.php" style="font-size: larger;">Home</a> | <a href="tickets.php?status=assigned" style="font-size: larger;">My Tickets</a><br>

  • Hi Grizly, thats works perfectly :)

    I was about to ask for the same thing.
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