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Removing Due Date Option

Hi, is it possible to completely remove (or make not required) the due date option? If not, could we at least remove the part where you have to select the hour/minute? We are fine with having to set a due date by just clicking a day, but do not want to have to select the minute each time.

I am a medium level PHP programmer and web designer, so I am very comfortable modifying code and making changes, so if someone could just get me pointed in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

PS. Love the system! It has saved me a ton of time and made our two tech support departments very organized, we will be donating to the project!


  • Ummm... Due Date isn't required?  I'm not sure why you would think that it is. Or at least it's not on my installation.  I do not recall it every being required.
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