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1.9RC Due Date and Time Issues

I've successfully upgraded from version to 1.9RC. The following issues occur when I edit a ticket created in v1.8.1.2:
  1. Launch osTicket and login as admin.
  2. Open ticket and select Edit.
  3. Select calendar button to modify Due Date.
  4. Only top half (first two weeks) of the calendars for the current and next month display. This happens using either the Firefox or IE browsers.
  5. Due Time will not accept any time less than 5 hours in the future if the Due Date is set for the current day. The error "Due date must be in the future" disiplays. All time zone settings in osTicket and on the 2008 R2 server are set properly.
Environment is as follows:
  • osTicket Version:  v1.9-rc
  • Server Software:  Apache/2.4.9 (Win32) OpenSSL/1.0.1g PHP/5.5.11
  • PHP Version:  5.5.11
  • MySQL Version:  5.6.16
  • Server OS:  Win 2008R2 Standard
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