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Change ticket buttons - post reply and internal note

Hello togehter,

in our daily work most of the time update we just update internal note ticket informations
so they are only readable for the support stuff. Less times we use the post reply button to
send informations to the customer. Unfortunately when you open a ticket
the first field which is present is "post reply". So i happens often that we forget to change to
the field "internal note", update the wrong field and send informations to the customer.
So it would be easier as well to have "internal note" as first input field.

I already looked trough the customization discussion but didnt found a solution.
I would be very thankful for every help how to customize os ticket to get
"internal note" as first input field :-)


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    Based on a rough look at:
    I'd say simply changing line 282-285 from: /scp/js/ticket.js
        } else {
            $('#response_options ul.tabs li:first a').addClass('active');
            $('#response_options '+$('#response_options ul.tabs li:first a').attr('href')).show();

        } else {
            $('#response_options #note_tab a').addClass('active');
            $('#response_options '+$('#response_options #note_tab a').attr('href')).show();
    Might work. ;-)
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    thanks for that fast reply! I already tried it. The code is not 100% the same to our version (Running

        } else {
            $('#response_options ul li:first a').addClass('active');
            $('#response_options '+$('#response_options ul li:first a').attr('href')).show();

    But i modified it like you proposed and got the following result:

    Now neither "post reply" nor "internal note" is opened at the beginning,
    it opens at a click on it.
    This helps in one way, but maybe it is possible to modify it that it would be
    like in this picture, just to have already opened at start "internal note"
    and save one more click every time? :-)

    Thanks again :-)
  • Alright, I've got a 1.7 instance running too, played with it, and it works with one line just before the end of /scp/js/ticket.js:

    So, it should end like this:


  • It works! Really great! Thanks for your help, that saves a lot of time for us :-)
  • Nae worries pal, I've added that to mine too. Lets see if they notice on Monday. We've had a few "issues" where private messages were accidentally sent to clients.. so, this might help us "save face" in future. Excellent idea mate!
  • if the default is set to Post Reply, is it possible to have the TO field default to --Do Not Email Reply -- instead of the client name ? 
  • edited July 2017
    Version 1.9.14 - The "Post Internal Note" is now the default tab. 
    if($(this).val() == 0)

  • this thread is from 2014.
    closing zombie thread with head shot.
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