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ticket text being truncated because of punctuation

Whenever a client or a staff member opens a ticket and uses either an apostrophe or other type of punctuation the message get truncated at the point of the punctuation mark.   

Is there a fix for this?

We're using OST v1.9-RC1


  • Where are they entering this? Subject/body/field?
  • I re-iterate again that 1.9rc1 should not be used in a production environment and is BETA software.
  • issue still there in the official release of 1.9, as of today....
  • And Grizly, they are entering the text as the main body/info/textarea field
  • I am unable to replicate your error.  I just opened tickets with a body of:

    "This is . a test ; Ticket and has 'punctuation' in order to test "different" punctuation : like / and ["

    And they both worked fine for me on Client and Staff sides.
  • it seems to only be a problem when doing a cut/paste from an email in Outlook.  The encoding is "Western European" (by default) .... if I manually change the punctuation mark then it works. :)
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