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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

osTicket v1.9.0 Released!

The osTicket team is super excited to announce the release of osTicket, v1.9, the latest stable release in 1.9 series. For more information please read our release blog post.




  • Great News, Do  you know if this version is now working with multinlingual, (spanish)  I'' ve heard this release could be used in Spanish too.



  • Does this new release covers my issue posted here ?

    Basically I'm looking for a way to display more information on ticket listing page, i specially want the "duedate" to be able to show here.
  • @jcesar - No, just the initial data/templates are translatable
    @mokamfek75 - No, custom columns support is planned for a later version 
  • Thanks Peter
    I'm looking forward to it.
    Just one more thing; do i have to upgrade to 1.9 or should i just wait for that later version and therefore upgrade from 1.8.2 ?
  • @mokamfek75 - I would personally recommend upgrading  given the number of bug fixes we addressed. You might want to consider using git to manage your mods/changes.
  • I went from to see if 'Reply to email' was working again.  It is NOT.  In 1.7 it was broken, then fixed.

    Just wondering if that is expected behavior going forward or I have something set up wrong?

    Here is my Github link:

    It hasn't been responded to.

  • edited May 2014
    @farmersWPSD - staff's replies are posted as internal notes. We cannot replicate the issue, as you described, internally. Perhaps it has to do with email client you're using -- the system relies on email's reference headers to match to an existing ticket. I'll recommend posting raw email header for the alert and reply on GitHub and we'll follow up with possible leads.
  • Upgraded and SCP login page is not styled? 
  • Thanks a lot for your prompt answer Peter
  • Experiencing the same thing as jlo ... upgraded to 1.9 and now the SCP login page is unstyled AND when trying to open a new ticket once the form is submitted it goes to a blank page (it appears that scp/ticket.php is throwing a 500 error).

  • G'day guys,

    Thanks for the stable release some exciting stuff. 

    However I tried to update and went through the usual but then it says migrating to osTicket 1.9 and a nice little tiny window pops up saying = "Please wait... while we upgrade your osTicket installation! Still busy ... smile #2300"

    This has been sitting here for a good while. What is possibly wrong?  

    See attached. 
  • Well if I go to my ~/scp logon it apparently worked, weird that the browser tab used for updating wouldn't recognise it to be finished. If it actually is?? I'm not that confident in my installation without seeing a success page.

    Also I too have the same issue as @nsupport and @jlo
  • edited May 2014
    May I know any difference between 1.9 RC to 1.9?

    Seems the system did not prompt me to upgrade the SQL.
  • I manage to get through step 1 of 3 when doing the upgrade. It fails here:

    Then it looks like this:

    Now my system is offline and I need some help!
  • I hope that you made a backup prior to doing it. 
    I did and just returned it to
  • Is it just me or is the HTML interpertation of the POP cron totally out of line?

    I send a test email with a inline image and a table with 3 coloms.
    Inline image is gone, image doesn't display at all.

    Can anyone verify this (and hopefully fix it asap?)

  • Experiencing the same thing as jlo ... upgraded to 1.9 and now the SCP login page is unstyled AND when trying to open a new ticket once the form is submitted it goes to a blank page (it appears that scp/ticket.php is throwing a 500 error). HELP!
    I am glad I am not the only one.  However, my new tickets submit as they should.  Except the HTML is not represented correctly in the email or in the system.  Same as Key4ce.
  • Jlo: i don't expirience that issue so i would assume it didn't fully handle the css/ template part of the update.
    Do you have any customizations (additional themes etc?)

    As far as the html: 
    it's indeed a big issue, my WP bridge still handles the tickets 100% the same so it shows the OSTicket is applying a new form of filter in its codes (it's not to do with how they get stored as thats 100% correct).

    If i got some more time and the dev's didn't pick the html issue up i will see if i can fix the html issue my self.. i'm guessing it's filtering html to an extend that it shouldn't.
  • I've been running 1.9-RC for testing purposes. Is upgrading to 1.9.0 simply a matter of extracting the \upload\ folder from the ZIP file and copying it over the existing \XAMPP\htdocs\osticket\ folder?

    Or (since this is just test data) is uninstalling 1.90-RC and performing a fresh install of 1.9.0 a better way to go?

  • I'm having the same issue, but for me its on the customer portal. every time when a customer submits a ticket it goes to a blank page and just sits there. and heres the bad part, sometimes it wont submit the body (description) of the ticket, just the summary
  • I've upgraded from 1.8 and it's been smooth. Haven't had any issues at all. Great job on the updates!
  • Thanks everyone for the feedback. The CSS issue has been addressed - see Jared's comment here. We're looking into the email parsing issue.
  • I just upgraded from v1.9.0 RC to the stable version and am now getting the following error whenever users send message to osTicket via email.  

    Warning:  session_start(): Cannot send session cookie - headers already sent in /home/xxxx/public_html/support_ticket/include/class.ostsession.php on line 62

  • Interpolat:
    How did you perform the 1.9-RC to 1.9.0 upgrade? Are there instructions available?
  • @Interpolat  
    try and remove existing RCfiles (keep ostconfig ofc!)  and reupload.  sounds like you got multiple files calling for headers (from 1.8 to 1.9 install i don't expirience it so i am assuming a file there didn't get updated).

  • Where is ostconfig?
  • Found it.  includes/os-config.php

    Replaced all files, still issue persists.
  • in the includes folder.. it holds your DB info always keep that one safe.. backup all files to be extra save (and able to revert)  and DB ofc.
  • Replacing all files did not solve the issue.
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