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Mailer Error (Permission denied)

I'm getting this error on all of my mail logs when an email is supposed to be sent:

Mailer Error

Unable to email via SMTP: [ghenry]

Failed to connect to [SMTP: Failed to connect socket: Permission denied (code: -1, response: )]

The following is one of the automated emailer profiles:


  • IS your webserver allowed to send mail through your mail server?
  • Yes.   This is a working relay and has the IP of the osTicket server in it's authorized list.   It has actually been working for many months and after a reboot of the osTicket server the other day it stopped working and we have been getting this error.

    Tried another internal SMTP relay with no success either.   Ping is fine from osTicket server to SMTP relay.
  • Any ideas anyone?
  • This is a tell-tell sign of SeLinux blocking Apache user.
  • Peter wins a cookie!   It was SeLinux.  Not sure why it started out of the blue but that was the culprit.  

    Thank you.
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