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Where and how to add FAQ, or create Knowledge Base? ver 1.9.0

I cant find the way to do this.
any help?


  • Hey there,

    Go to Staff Panel --> Knowledgebase --> Categories --> Add New Category (in the top right) --> make the category public if you want it to be shown to the world. fill out the form and click Add.

    Now you have a category to put a FAQ in. Now click on the FAQs tab to the left of the categories tab, click the category you just created, and click "Add New FAQ".

    It's not totally intuitive, but you've got to have categories before you can add FAQs.

    Once all this is done, make sure you've activated the knowledgebase in Admin Panel --> Settings --> Knowledgebase --> Enable Knowledge Base

    Hope this helps.
  • This may be helpful (it was written for an older version but nothing has really changed with FAQs)
  • well,there is no such thing.
    check it out.

  • Then it sounds to me like you did not actually read and follow the article.
  • you're right man.
    thank you.
  • You're very welcome. :) 

    So I gather that your all set now and I can close this thread?
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