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[resolved] Diffuculties with a page translation

as I'm translating by myself all the osTicket 1.9 in italian language, just I can't find where I have to translate the page for the Client Login (when I click on the Log In at header on the right).
I see the page called is login.php but at that page I don't find any about the text to translate ("To better serve you, we encourage our Clients to register for an account.")
Anyone can help me to find it?


  • edited May 2014
    You do that from admin Panel. 

    Admin / Access 

    There is a section at the bottom called: 

    Authentication and Registration Templates

    You can change those from there not from inside the code. 

  • Thank you raisedinhell.
    Now I'm soved it.
  • Your welcome.

    I also translate the software(osTicket 1.9) by myself. If you need any help let me know. 

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