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Header and Footer Not Loading, Prevents Styles and Scripts from Loading

I recently upgraded from osTicket 1.8 to 1.9 today. I've been having this weird issue where osTicket is failing to load the header and footer on the various admin pages. (I'm assuming it's the and files.) Sometimes, the pages load fine but sometimes they don't load which means the styles and scripts needed for the page don't load as well. If I want a few moments and reload/refresh the page, then everything loads without any issue.

I've checked my server log to see if there are any errors but everything checks out okay. I enabled the displaying of PHP errors via .htaccess and could not get it to display any errors when the pages didn't render properly. I also deleted all the files off the server and did a fresh upload of 1.9 (with two different FTP clients), but that didn't resolve the issue. I didn't have this issue with 1.8. My site is hosted on Media Temple, whom I haven't had any issues with (yet).

If you need additional details or information to help troubleshooting this issue, please let me know.

osTicket Version: v1.9.0-3-gae5e138 (ae5e138)
Server Software: Apache/2.2.22
PHP Version: 5.3.27
MySQL Version: 5.1.63


  • If you downloaded 1.9 when it was first released there was a bug and they pushed out a new version that fixed the CSS formatting issue on the staff side.  I'm not aware of anyone else reporting an issue like you are describing otherwise.

    In order to get errors to display inline you need to edit the bootstrap.php.  Directions are here:
  • I did a bit more troubleshooting and may have found the solution. First, the steps I took.

    This time around, I logged directly into my web host with SSH and used wget to download the osTicket ZIP file directly from osTicket. I renamed the current install, extracted the downloaded install to a temporary directory, moved the uploads folder, renamed it to the old install name, and then copied the config file from the old install. Even after all of this, I'm still having rendering issues.

    Just to be sure, I launched a different web browser, opened a Private/Incognito window, logged into my osTicket install, and clicked around a few times. Eventually, the same issue occurred and styles and scripts were not loading properly.

    Unfortunately, changing the options in bootstrap.php, in .htaccess, and php.ini would still not display any errors.

    Not realizing I could, I noticed I could change the version of PHP running on my site. Just to give it a shot, I changed it from PHP 5.3.27 FastCGI to PHP 5.3.27 CGI. After saving the changes, it seems everything is loading properly and without issue.

    Hopefully that is what was causing the problem but if it shows up again, I'll definitely be back here to look for help again. :)
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