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Add Facebook and Twitter Support and Android App


First I want to say thank you for everyone who help to develop and support this project. I used to contribute with translations in spanish (my native language), but I have some months without help, because I have a lot of work rigth now.

I love this project, because it is the best one solution to customers support.

But now the customer support have new incoming messages for sources like facebook and twitter, so please consider to support this channels.

The facebook and Twitter channels are the best way to comunicate directly with the customer, so, this project must support it ASAP. It will be a great PLUS.

And an Android APP to full control of the software, I hope the development team could think about it.

And If you need money to expand the development team, please consider to create a kickstarter campaing, this is an opensource project, the people will love to contribute it.

I am writing you from a third world country, and this kind of projects (opensource) are very important to US. Helping  us to acces to technology that will be impossible to pay for.

Thanks again for everyone who contribute with Osticket.

Regards from Venezuela!
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