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Use Osticket to open a ticket on a 3PP ticketing tool

edited May 2014 in General Discussions
Hi OsTicket community.

We are using OS ticket 1.8x, and we need sometimes have to open tickets to external partners.  We generally send an email to raised tickets to our 3PPs.
Is there a way to use osticket in order to open tickets to 3PPs, without creating an endless auto-response loop with osTicket and the 3PP ticketing tool?

Thanks for your help.

PS: Excuse my english... i'm a french speaking person...


  • If you have an email address for the third party you could assign the address as a collaborator on the ticket.  But I imagine that might result in a bunch of automated emails at both ends. However unless their ticket system preserves your ticket number in the subject, and/or the internal ticket-id in the email headers it would almost assuredly always result in a new ticket being generated in osTicket.  You could prevent them opening new tickets by setting up a ticket filter to just reject the ticket... but with out them preserving the information before updates would not be automatic.

    TLDR; I cannot think of a way to do that.
  • edited May 2014
    thanks Ntozier...

    this is exactly what happened. we've been obliged to ban their email address to stop the new tickets created by the auto-response loop. 

    Thanks For your answer.

  • Sorry that it wasn't more helpful. 

    Should I leave this thread open for now?
  • I've tried added the 3PP has a member
    then using a ticket filter, i've disabled the autoresponse for 3PP
    then it seems to work...

    I'll test it again.

    Thanks a lot for your Help Ntozier
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