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Collaborators do not automatically added

Hello, I recently updated my osticket installation to 1.9 and I realized that mails sent with to/cc aren't automatically added as collaborators.

I double checked my config but it doesn't work...




  • im also having an issue with Collabrators, i have an organization setup and two primary contacts for the organization so they both should be able to read the tickets for there company but they're not added automatically as collaborators. i have to add them to every ticket they submit. 
  • I've point out this thread to the devs.
  • edited May 2014
    data: Yes! If I add them manually, it sends notifications and everything works fine.

    ntozier: OK, thanks!
  • Also 1.9.1 was released last night, and may address your issues.  I cannot confirm that because I have not read (but you could) the release notes.
  • Hello again :-D

    I've updated to 1.9.1 but it doesn't solve this problem :-(
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