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[resolved] Delete button

Hello guys,

I'm running version 1.9.0-3-gae5e138.  I don't think you need my system information for this question (and if it's in the wrong thread I apologize).  A few versions ago, there was a delete button that was really handy for deleting emails that got sent to the ticketing system by accident. 

Instead of closing them and messing up stats, one could just hit the "delete" button and the item was gone.

Now that button is no longer there and I miss it dearly.  Is this an option I can change somewhere (I've been unable to find where if there is)?  Was it just taken out?




  • Admin panel -> Staff -> Group -> The group your account is in -> Can Delete Tickets?
  • I knew it was tucked down there somewhere.  Thanks...
  • Very welcome. :) I'm going to mark this resolved and close the thread.  Please do not hesitate to open a new thread if you have another question, comment, etc.
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