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Show only Support-Dept


in osTicket 1.8 I made a search with some options. I searched for all tickets in the support department, which are open and assigned to me.
I saved the link from the search result in my bookmarks and had access to this custom search every time.

This workflow didn't work in osTicket 1.9
So, how can I display all my tickets, that are open, assigned to me and are in the department support.
And I wouldn't do a manual custom search every time...

I think, I can't use the tab "my tickets", because the dept. billing is included.
I use this workflow, because I move tickets to the billing dept, when the ticket is done and the customer had to pay my time. I don't write the invoice just in time, but at the end of a month.


  • Have you considered removing access from your account to the billing department? and making a second account and give it access to the billing department if you require access to that department.
  • That didn't work for me. I still see the tickets.
    But now I assigned the tickets to a new user called "billing". This is acceptable for me.
  • Then I would think that your user account still have access to the billing department
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