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Cannot read message from Office365

Hi All,
I've an issue with tickets opened via mail with outlook web access.
Instead of the message only a <! is shown.
This happens with IE, Chrome and Safari. Works fine with Firefox.

my environment is win2008r2 with osticket 1.9.1

thank you


  • Please provide the full headers and email that you are sending that is resulting in this behavior.
  • Hi ntozier,
    here you can find two headers, one with the message readable and the other no.
    thank you
  • Thanks for the headers, but it seems from your description that the body is being incorrectly truncated. Would you be able to post or PM me the full email (with the raw body)?
  • thanks Jared, i've sent you in PM the two complete headers.
  • Just to add more details,
    if I send plain text emails from a web client (chrome or internet explorer) it works, so the issue seems to be in the html format of the message from Office365.
    Attached the mail body sent from the web in html.

    I've also edite the classmailer.php to use the new mime encoding but without sucsess. 
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