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[SOLVED] 1.9.1: E-Mail from POP get's cut off

Simple solution: Got to Settings > Emails and disabled Strip Quoted Reply.

Now email is working the same as with the older versions! No more cut offs!

Hi All,

I've been runing OSticket 1.9.1 on Debian Wheezy with Apache and it's running like a charm (has been always) however since 1.9 and even after the latest update email which are fetched from the external POP get cut of. I think it has something to do with HTML because I see the HTML code in the e-mail right before it gets cut off. I've been looking to change the "class.mailparse" file but it's quite different since the "older" versions. I also tried a new install in case upgrade from upgrade from upgrade was the issue but it's still there... Could someone point me in the right direction to fix this? Thanks in advance

nothing changed except upgrade tot 1.9 and then 1.9.1 since 1.9 it's doing this....


  • I'm glad to hear that you got things working and Thank you for posting your solution.
    I'll close this thread but please feel free to start a new one if you have another question, comment, etc.
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