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populating user form fields via API


I have json api working on 1.9.1, however I can't find a way to populate user form fields via the api.  Should this be possible?


Also, I can only create a request via API for a TopicID that has a user form defined if I make all the fields in that form as Not Required.  Otherwise I gt a validation error.  However if I try populating via api using either the field variable name or the label it fails to validate.


Any advice welcome.



  • edited May 2014
    I do not beleive that there were any changes from to 1.9.1 in the API so I would direct you to:

    The attached sample has examples of how to populate custom list entries and custom text fields. (line 46, 47).
  • Thanks for your feedback.


    I had been following this sample.  As the field name in the call to the API if I have tried using the variable name as known to the database, which seemed to be the value I needed to use, I have tried the label (just in case) and I have also tried the long hex variable I see in the $vars variable if I step through the normal creation logic.

    If I step through the api php and ticket creation I seem to be getting the same variables as a normal staff creation, yet it's just not storing the data in the case of the api call.



  • You use the variable name as seen in Admin panel -> Manage -> Forms -> Ticket Details in the Variable Name field.  Also they are case sensitive.
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