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upgrading plugins?

What's the proper procedure to upgrade plugins and/or verify they actually need an upgrade?

I successfully upgraded to 1.9.1, but wanted to make sure my plugins were the latest.


  • Since there is no update check for plugins atm, I suggest to just check the core plugins repo at for any changes and then (or directly) download the updated plugins from
  • When installing plugins, does it move files or just overwrite what's in the current plugin folder and that will work?
  • Do you have to enable / disable the plugin at all to load? For example, the storage-fs now has 2 files instead of one or does it just start using the new one?
  • I do not know if there is a correct way, but we upgraded our "http-passthru.phar" today the following way:
    - Disabled the plugin
    - Removed the old auth-passthru.phar from /include/plugins
    - Copied the new auth-passthru.phar to /include/plugins
    - Re-Enabled the auth-passthru plugin
    Can't tell you how the storage-fs or ldap auth plugins behave, so I suggest to backup everthing and then just test upgrading the plugins ;)
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