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Office 365 & OsTicket 1.9

Hi All

I am fairly new to OsTicket so please be gentle! :)

OsTicket is working great except the email retrieval from an Office 365 email. The SMTP server is working fine just not the inbox. 

I have setup a new user (with its own license) as I have found a post stating that shared mailboxes will not work with OsTicket.

I have found the settings required port settings which are : 
Mail Account
IMAP Port - 993
POP3 Port - 995
Encryption - SSL

I have found a few posts from people showing how they have things setup (Here). But the screen seems different in this new version?

I have used a few different versions of the above settings (POP+SSL, just POP, just IMAP, IMAP+SSL), an easy password. But each time I save it just says "Loading..." hangs for around 4 minutes then says "Invalid Login, Check your POP Settings".

Lastly, I have not changed any PHP or advanced settings. Its mostly a fresh install onto a LAMP stack.

Any ideas? I'm really stuck


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    Any firewall issues? Either Windows firewall, a secondary software firewall built into your anti-virus, or a corporate hardware firewall? Double check these as I can almost bet your AV has a secondary firewall and/or behavior monitoring components you'll have to create an exception to allow outgoing traffic on the port you want to use...(Norton & Symantec are notorious for this)

    Also, I can't remember, but double check the username you use as I can't remember if Office 365 requires domain\username or just username to authenticate from third party clients. My Exchange 2010 server is onsite and had no issues configuring IMAP+SSL with just username and password.
  • Hi Nettric

    Many thanks for a reply. Really appreciated!

    We are hosting it on a standard Shared package (along with many opencarts, worldpress', etc). Would you happen to know which ports we should open for osticket?

    See attached for our current settings
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    osTicket runs on standard incoming web ports: 80 (non-ssl) or 443 (SSL secured). If you can see it, log into it, incoming requests aren't the issue...your issue is with POP timing out trying to retrieve emails.

    The issue your osTicket may be running into is that many network engineers and anti-virus software now pay attention to and restrict outgoing network traffic. In years past outgoing traffic usually had no restrictions.

    IF your host is for some reason restricting outgoing traffic, you'll need to ask them if outgoing port 995 is being restricted. If so, you may be able to work with them in order to get that opened up from your hosting server. Are outgoing emails making it out OK? Have you tried the email test located in SCP at Email => Diagnostics to test outgoing emails?
  • Hi Nettric

    Our outgoing mail is working fine (via

    Its purely the retrieval of messages. It seems to be complaining about the login details, but they are 100% correct :S
  • Settings that I am using for office 365 and works
  • Hi Maniputus

    Thank you for the reply!

    My settings are the same, so I have now reached out to our Host and asked regarding Port 995. 

    I will let you guys know ASAP :)

  • Hi All

    I have asked my host regarding port 995 and they have stated this port is open in the Firewall. 

    The only thing I can say is my Email Settings screen looks slightly different to others?
  • Hi Tbeckett,
    I'm using office365 with POP+SSL or IMAP+SSL and it works fine, the only difference seems to be the Email Name (the second box) that i've set same as the email address (full email address).
  • Hi All

    I have tried a few things :
    • Re-setup osTicket1.9.1 on another host (Bluehost). Spoken to support and asked them whether all ports (993 and 995) are open. They have confirmed they are.
    • Tested using a Gmail account (see below for my details). I have tested this on both my main host and Bluehost. 
    • Tried AXM's suggestion of changing the Email Name. No luck. 
    No luck on any of the above :(
  • So I dont know if Office365 (aka online Office w/ Exchange) is like standalone server version of Exchange, but in order to let the webserver communicate with our Exchange server initially we had to create a rule that allowed it.
    If I remember correctly it was at: Exchange Management Console -> Server Configuration -> Hub Transport -> Receive Connectors.  I imagine that its similar in the online version.

    Also users had to be granted permission to to use POP/IMAP in Exchange (note I don't recall how to do this, but I seem to recall it being enabled in their user profile in Exchange).  Another note I recall that POP/IMAP was not enabled at the Exchange side either and had to be.

    I have never used Exchange Online (Office365) so this post is speculation.
  • Have you tried testing the POP settings with a standard mail client like Windows Mail or Outlook? You'll need to actually set the account up fully (set up outgoing SMTP as well) in Windows Mail to make sure it works otherwise...
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