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quick way to change due date

Changing the due date is quite tedius setting a note why each time is also quite annoying.  It would be nice to simply have a quick drop down to change the date at the top to maybe the next day or something like that.


  • So out of curiosity, why would you want to change the due date quickly? i.e. What use case do you have for it.

    I ask because where I work the due date is the due date, and if its after that date its late. (that sentence sounded so good in my head... but written it looks, well silly.)  We don't generally need to change the due date, but if we do having a reason why is probably a good idea. But that is just our use case...
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    Example 1:

    you have 20 open issues that do not require hard due date,  lets say, one issue become more critical and you work on it right now, but the rest need to be moved forward to avoid "Stale Ticket"

    Example 2:

    As part of a project, manager identified 30 things that need to be done, but "maintenance window" for the tasks changed, so some tasks need to be rescheduled with new due dates.

    Since osTicket missing basic Project Management features - quick due date change ability (as quick ticket close, quick assigning) is very helpful.

    Basic project management features examples:
    • Issue B need to be finished within 5 days of completion of Issue A (not before)
    • Issue A cannot start until MM/DD/YYYY  (for example lots of companies have blacklisted dates for certain type of work)
    But having tickets in the system helps to keep perspective and plan.

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    It's not about changing the due date (or sla etc.) quickly, I think it's the way how you change it. The way could be easier and that's the reason why. A more intuitive way (inline edit / dropdown list) would be great. And saving time when doing it quickly is a positive side effect (especially if you sum the time up for all people).

    Some guys from our department for usability of software etc. (yes we have an own department for that ^^) which we asked to take a look and provide us some feedback regarding the usability of osTicket also told us that it could be easier / more intuitive. Btw. that reminds me I still have not forwarded that feedback (or the interesting parts of that Feedback) to Jared and Peter to give them some view of guys who do usability optimization all day long with websites, "normal" software, apps (ios, android, etc.) and so on.
  • :) That what I was trying to illustrate (replying to ntozier question)

    Here what we have right now in redmine:

    Issue (aka ticket)


    right click (I believe they are using Ajax)


    select two issues, right click, select edit - go to bulk edit

  • Thanks for the explanation guys.  I think that some of this will actually be handled with the upcoming feature that I think that they are still calling "embeded tasks"  where a ticket will have a list of things that need to be completed and will be assigned to different departments until those things are done. 

    I like what you suggested over all, I just wasn't sure what you meant by it. :)  Thank you again for taking the time to explain.
  • ntozier that sounds great.  stf5 said previously some due dates aren't always the same they change due to clients not getting back to us and we have to wait so we change the due date for the resolve issue quite frequently or not as frequently due to it being such a long winded task to do so.

    That sounds good about the embedded tasks I look forward to that.
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