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Backup and Downgrade Process?

Good morning,

I'm trying to run through a test trial of backing up, upgrading, and downgrading osTicket on a toy server before I implement the upgrade on my production server. I have the latest release of 1.9.1 and I have a backup of my 1.8.x installation, including the mysql database (made using Softaculous with cPanel).

Server type: Shared Lunarpages server (no SSH access)
Server management: cPanel
Software script management: Softaculous
File managers: Filezilla and cPanel File Manager

I'm relatively new to databases and shared servers, so I appreciate your patience and any help you can offer. So far, I have done the following:

Upgrade Attempt
  • Run a backup of 1.8.x installation
  • Upgraded to 1.9.1 (including automatic database migration) (successful)
Downgrade Attempts
  • Overwrote 1.9.1 install with 1.8 data (failed to upgrade error)
  • Purged everything and restored contents of 1.8 backup (failed to upgrade error)
  • Purged everything in osticket, renamed database to [name]_old and migrated data from backup to new database (fatal error)
  • Purged everything in osticket, used phpmyadmin to copy old database contents to new database (fatal error)
This is why we have toy servers. :) Thank you for any help you can give!


  • edited June 2014
    If it helps at all, this is the "failed to upgrade" error I received.
    I had upgraded to 1.9.1, then tried to copy my backup directory tree straight back over to the server.

  • backup mysql and the /include/ost-config.php files. delete all files using cpanel or ftp then extract 1.8 restore database and then config file and test.

  • I would agree with @btssn

    I use cPanel as well although my host uses Installatron.

    After having a successful backup, any attempt at upgrading or any change can be completely purged by just uninstalling that "application". 

    So if I were you completely remove any mention of the database in MySQL and then remove any files stored wherever you have stored them - for me its /home/USERNAME/public_html/support/*HERE*

    Then restore from the backup. 

    It should recreate and import all the tables and data from the backup into MySQL, plus it will create all the correct folders and files in whatever location you originally installed the osTicket.
  • There is no downgrade process.
    You would simply restore your database from back ups.
    Then restore the old files from the site back ups.
  • Thanks for your help, all! I've been working on it but this task has fallen to a lower priority for now. I think I have a backup/wipe/restore system in place, and I will document it here when I have confirmed that it works. 
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