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Customizing the html header to load a custom Javascript library

Dear Board,

I am trying to customize the html header by editing the in the inc/staff directory.

I am adding the following line 

to load a javascript library that allows typesetting mathematical equation in latex.

Everything seems to work fine until I want to reedit the equation I just typed. The workflow to reproduce the problem is the following:

1. I create a FAQ entry
2. I go in HTML mode
3. I type the latex equation. Switch off HTML mode, the equation is now wonderfully rendered by some CSS magic
4. I switch back to HTML mode to reedit the equation. Now the original Latex commands are gone and in place of them I have the corresponding CSS code. Hence when I switch off again the the HTML mode the rendering now is completely screwed up

My feeling is that the MathJax library is active also in HTML mode and interprets the latex commands translating them into CSS code. This clearly shouldn't happen

So my question is: is there an alternative way to edit the header in order to add a javascript library without having this library active in HTML mode? Or is there any other workaround to this problem.

Just to mention that I have been successfully making similar modification to the header of our PhpBB forum and I am not running into any problem.

Thanks in advance for your help



  • This appears to be a custom mod that you are perfoming, so I am moving this thread to the Mods and Customizations section of the forums.  As a side note for any others reading this you may want to mention which version of osTicket you are running.
  • Thanks for moving the thread to the appropriate section.

    I am running 



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