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Send a single reply mail to all (author + Cc:), instead of sending one mail to each person alone


it would be great to have the feature to send a reply mail for a ticket, and this reply should be sent as a single(!) mail like this:
To: <Ticket author/contact>
Cc: <all the ticket collaborators>

Currently, OSTicket (1.9.1) sends one mail to the Ticket author only, one mail to Collaborator1 only, one mail to Collaborator2 only, and so on.
We would prefer that OSTicket would send 1 mail to all of them (Ticket author in To:, all of the collaborators in Cc:).
We would highly appreciate if you could implement this feature.

Other than that, keep up the great work.
Thank you.


  • I'm not sure something like that will get implemented by the project, and sounds like it would be a great candidate for a plugin. 
  • Hi,

    I am also intrested in this feature/plugin. clients who were a cc from the begin of the support, will then remain cc in e-mail traffic when a reply occurs.


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