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[resolved] Updating from 1.6 ST to the latest 1.9.1

I am trying to update from 1.6 ST to the latest 1.9.1 but I have got an error and tons of emails with mysql errors with the config.

Any ideas why?


  • I'm having the same issue.
    i got the errors > 

    maybe database permissions?
  • hey i just read this:_
    Did you delete your /include/ost-config.php?

    did you try it?

  • I think the first step would be to find out if it is possible to upgrade from a very old version such as 1.6 

    Hopefully someone who has done this leap before can chime in here. Otherwise, you could PM the authors directly.

  • Ok, I uninstall everything and start again with 1.6 ST , then upgrade to 1.7 and then to 1.91
    no problem with that.
    if i install 1.6 ST and restore my database and then try to upgrade to 1.7 the system show me the same error,
    this makes me belive there is a "situation" with the database builded for the 1.6 ST version. so we need to migrate that database to 1.7 and the upgrade to 1.9, 
    anyone know if its posible to migrate database from 1.6 to 1.7 or directly to 1.9?
  • As far as I know the only way to migrate a database if by letting the setup upgrade process to do the migration.
  • Update:
    I'm still getting the error with the database.

    But i'm thinking that maybe i could only export/restore the tickets table from the database and everything else i will rebuild it.
    I'm very interested in keeping my old tickets
  • I found this in another thread:
    1.6ST (Current Version) => 1.7.0 => 1.7.7 => =>

    i will test it and post results

  • Are you sure that you are running 1.6ST?  Because if you are running 1.6rc* or dpr* then you need to upgrade to 1.6ST first.

    You have not actually posted any usable errors in this thread.  if you mouse over the syslog errors it should display the actual errors.  If you consult your PHP and MySQL error logs you should also be able to see the actual errors.
  • I have found the problem and  I have successfully migrated my osticket.

    The problem is the memory limit when the attachments are migrated from disk to database. It runs out of memory.

    Rising memory limit to 256Mb in my case is the solution.
    May be this have to be added to the upgrade script.
  • So you change the memory allowed to PHP in your php.ini?  Excellent.  I'm going to mark this as resolved nd close the thread.  If you have another comment, concern, query, or wonder please feel free to start a new thread. :)
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